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Me and my husband, or rather my husband, has long nagged to buy a home massage chair! And now that the kids have left home so we thought why not? We joke and said it may become our life insurance that it will keep us younger longer! But see how nice to sit in a massage chair and be massaged when you feel tired and worn out after sitting an entire day until the computer at work! Surely this is luxury living! So yesterday we got it home, it cost a lot but it is worth it. We have no ...

Time to get hitched!

The pratical side of me wanted a tiny civil wedding, but somewhere deep inside a dream about a big fairytale wedding floated around. Preferably in a small chateau in brittany (bretagne, france) surrounded by green trees and meadows.  Have all your friends around, riding horses, playing pool, bathing in small ponds and riding old bikes on country roads! A true french atmosphere from the movies!
So I googled around for wedding france and found this little chateau that you actually can rent! It looks awesome... time to plan my future unforgettable wedding!